Impromptu speaking tactics (Part 1)

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It’s all very well have the strength of character to stand up and talk without warning in front of an audience, but if you have nothing to say, your bravery will be wasted.

So how do you fill-out that two, five or ten minutes that you have been asked to speak for?

There are several tactics that you can use, depending on the situation, and in this first post I will outline one of them. Watch this blog for details of the other tactics. Memorising them all will give you a powerful impromptu speaking arsenal to roll-out at will.

The PREP method

The PREP method for impromptu speaking is the most basic and simple method.

Imagine you are asked: ‘What are your views on fox hunting?’

If you were to apply the PREP method to construct a structured, effective answer, you may respond something like this (with a little more elaboration!):

Point: I am against fox hunting.

Reason: Because fox hunting is a cruel, vicious sport that is a terrible way for foxes to die.

Explanation (elaborate further on your reason here): When I was young, I was playing in garden when a fox hunt passed by the back of our house. At a young age, I had to watch a fox viciously torn apart (describe the scene!).

Point (this restates your viewpoint and acts as a conclusion): I am against fox hunting because of this experience I had as a young child.

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Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion. He setup and now runs Rich Public Speaking providing presentation skills and public speaking training.

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