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Ok, so since yesterday I’ve had a few people ask what criteria the humorous speeches are judged on. Here’s the humorous speech judging criteria:

CONTENT 55% of the total :

Speech Development [ Structure, opening, body, support material] 15%
Effectiveness [Excitement created, suspense, the unexpected twist, surprise, connection of humorous events, achievement of purpose] yup only 10%
Speech Value [ideas, logic, original thought] 15%
Audience Response [ attentiveness, laughter, interest, reception] 15%

DELIVERY 30% of the total :

Physical [appearance, body language] 10%…….yup the same score as all the things you think about should be in a humorous speech under effectiveness!
Voice [ flexibility, volume] 10%
Manner [directness, assurance, enthusiasm] 10%

LANGUAGE 15% of the total

Appropriateness [ to speech purpose and audience] 10%
Correctness [ grammar, pronunciation, word selection] 5%

I’ll be judging the speech(es) I write against this criteria to help me improve them and decide which one to use!

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