When does your performance start?

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When does your speech start? When do you begin giving the message that you are trying to convey to your audience?

It’s unlikely that much of the public speaking you do begins with you appearing from behind a curtain and so the impression you give begins from when your audience first sees or hears you.

This could be when you first walk into the room, it could be that first phone call when you accept the public speaking engagement, it could be when you’re mingling with your audience before your speech.

Your performance isn’t just limited to your time on stage. It’s common knowledge that first impressions count and so if your first impression isn’t positive, how will this effect how your message (the speech) is accepted?

What your audience knows about you before you start speaking can make or break your speech.

We all focus so much on the speech (in the box)¬†but so often forget the simple ‘human’ factors¬†such as first impressions that can make an audience open up to you (the outside of the box factors).

Time to start thinking outside of the box?

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Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion. He setup and now runs Rich Public Speaking providing presentation skills and public speaking training.

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