Choosing my own adventure – I’m off and writing

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Ok, so I’m writing – I’ve got a plan and I’m going.

I’ve always wanted to write something substantial, something useful to someone other than just me and something that might one day outlast my own lifetime (it’s ambitious I know, but stick with me).

So here’s where I’m headed.

In my spare time, I’m going to be writing the ‘ultimate public speaking guide’ (it’s ambitious I know, but stick with me).

Essentially I want to produce a public speaking 101 that those in fear of giving THAT presentation or THAT speech this time next week can read through, learn from and ultimately improve their public speaking.

How do I do this?

Well, I don’t want to just write a text book. I want to do something new, different and really engaging (ambitious I know, but bear with me). So, I’m going to go down the route of a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ public speaking guide where the reader reads various sections and takes a different route through the book depending on what the requirements of their public speaking engagement is.

Essentially you could read a totally different set of instructions and advice depending on what your public speaking task is, which I think is great because lets face it, no presentation or speech is ever exactly the same.

So where next?

I’ve already planned out the technical side of the book (I think) and tried to include all of the variable elements of a speech without getting too ridiculous about it. I’ve counted 40 short sections in all for now, which might be expanded as I go.

I’ll publish the planned structure as soon as I have a chance and would appreciate anyone letting me know if they think I’ve missed anything vital.

In the end I’ll try and put this online as either an e-book or possibly even a website in its own right which users can navigate through at their leisure.

I’m always on the lookout for anyone who wants to review what I write, so if you fancy lending a hand on this one, it would be much appreciated – I’ll give you a nod in the footnotes!

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Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion. He setup and now runs Rich Public Speaking providing presentation skills and public speaking training.

2 responses on “Choosing my own adventure – I’m off and writing

  1. Rich Post author

    Thank you – true friend – you don’t know what you’ve let yourself in for ! 😉

    I reckon there will be about 40-odd short sections with the traditional ‘Choose Your Own Adventure go to this page’ bits at the end of each one.

    I have about 5 sections planned so far – I think writing will be the easy bit as the devil is in the detail and all that.

    Must remember to keep it simple.


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