What am I reading about speaking in 2013?


I usually get asked two questions when it comes to public speaking books.

What would you recommend reading to help my public speaking?


What are you reading about public speaking right now?

I’ve covered what I would recommend reading in previous blog posts. So this post answers the second question – what am I reading in 2013 (and why)?

Each year usually starts with a collection of public speaking books that I want to read over the coming 12 months. They get assigned to various holidays or weekends away and taken in by poolsides or in cafes across the land!

Here are this year’s three selections (so far).

The Story of English – Joseph Piercy

English is the most spoken language in the world and the weapon of choice for public speakers across the globe. If we as public speakers are to achieve great things then we need to understand the tools that we have at our disposal. Reading this book is part of me gaining even more of that understanding. I’m keen to learn the origins of slang, colloquialisms and the words that help us to get our messages across each day. Watch this space for a full review once I’m finished!

The Art of Rhetoric – Aristotle

Regarded as the important work on the art of persuasion (a key objective for many public speakers), much of what Aristotle wrote in Ancient Greece still holds learnings for us as public speakers today. I’ll read it, discover exactly what they are and report back, so that you don’t have to. Note: I’ll be reading the English version, not the original texts!

Toastmaster Magazine – Various

The official magazine of Toastmasters International, a worldwide public speaking organisation open to anyone to join and develop their public speaking skills. The magazine is published monthly and contains articles on public speaking for all abilities that are easy to read and apply. It’s something that I look forward to arriving on my doormat every four weeks.

What are you reading this year?Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments box below.

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Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion. He setup and now runs Rich Public Speaking providing presentation skills and public speaking training.

One response on “What am I reading about speaking in 2013?

  1. Matthew

    Great list above… A few things I am using to keep sharp:

    1. The Exceptional Speaker by Timothy Koegel
    2. The lost art of the great speech by Richard Dowis – Trying to get through this one for a while
    3. Random ebooks via Amazon – Quite a few in the .99 – 3.00 range covering everything from evaluation to impromptu speaking

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