The Queen’s unheard nuclear war speech

After my last post about the ‘unheard moon landing speech’, one of today’s biggest news stories has been about the release of another unheard speech – prepared for the Queen to read should nuclear war have broken out in 1983.

Key parts of the speech (I haven’t yet been able to confirm if this is the full transcript), which was written as part of a preparatory war gaming exercise by the UK forces, are at the end of this article.

Should we have ever found ourselves on the brink of war, I’m sure this speech would have gone down in history.

–       The Queen quickly positions herself as similar to the terrified audience at home, highlighting her fears for her own son in the conflict

–       She also reminds the listener of the great spirit shown by the UK during both previous World Wars, and urges that it is reignited

–       The Queen then finishes with one clear call to action that the nation should strive to achieve – to remain united and resolute. This leaves the audience with a positive, passionate feeling and next step for success!

The Queen’s unheard nuclear war speech from 1983:

“Now this madness of war is once more spreading through the world and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds.

“I have never forgotten the sorrow and the pride I felt as my sister and I huddled around the nursery wireless set listening to my father’s [George VI’s] inspiring words on that fateful day in 1939 [at the start of the World War II].”

“Not for a single moment did I imagine that this solemn and awful duty would one day fall to me.”

“But whatever terrors lie in wait for us all, the qualities that have helped to keep our freedom intact twice already during this sad century will once more be our strength.”

“My husband and I share with families up and down the land the fear we feel for sons and daughters, husbands and brothers who have left our side to serve their country.”

“My beloved son Andrew is at this moment in action with his unit and we pray continually for his safety and for the safety of all servicemen and women at home and overseas.”

“It is this close bond of family life that must be our greatest defence against the unknown.”

“If families remain united and resolute, giving shelter to those living alone and unprotected, our country’s will to survive cannot be broken.”

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