‘How to’ Friday – Ten tips for no nerves public speaking

Google ‘dealing with nerves when public speaking’ and you’ll find hundreds of articles on the topic.DSC_6204smaller

If you’re looking for 10 honest, different ways to overcome public speaking nerves that I’ve learnt from experience, then check out the list below.

(It includes input from Beyonce and is sponsored by Wrigley’s gum).

1. Know your audience

We’re all comfortable talking to groups of friends, but ask us to talk to a group of strangers and the shakes set in. Before you speak, take time to meet your audience beforehand, have a chat with attendees and seek out their smiling faces when you first stand up on stage.


2. Avoid caffeine

So many of us turn to caffeine or energy drinks before we speak, to give us the ‘edge’ – that extra energy to beat our fears. The bad news is that the majority of these drinks increase your heart rate – quickly fooling the rest of your body into thinking it’s in panic mode. Before you know it, those deadly nerves have then arrived!

3. Look the part

It’s tough to feel confident in front of a crowd if you’re doubting your own appearance. Make sure to wear your best clothes – those killer heels* that you feel a million dollars in, or that expensive suit you have. It’s your public speaking suit of armour – use it!

4. Breathe

If you don’t breathe you die. If you don’t breathe enough, your brain starts to slow down.

Oxygen helps brain function and when we’re speaking, we need all the brain function we can get to give our best performance. Don’t be afraid to take big pauses for breathing – it’ll help the nerves, and your performance too.

5. Open with confidence

Know your first line inside out, so that you can deliver on autopilot. It’s the most important line to learn, as if you can deliver it without thinking when you’re nervous, you’ll be into your speech proper before you know it, and succeeding!

Wrigleys Gum6. Chew gum

When our body goes into panic, it stops all unnecessary functions – including producing saliva. A dry mouth tells us that we’re nervous and then our other functions begin to respond and go into nervous mode too. To avoid the dry mouth (and the ensuing panic) chew gum, which makes you produce lots of saliva!

7. Don’t expect perfection

Winston Churchill didn’t come out of the womb as a great public speaker, and neither did Obama. It takes time and practice to become a good speaker. If you beat yourself up because you weren’t perfect, you’ll feel worse next time. It’s good to have something to improve upon – otherwise life would be pretty dull!

8. Use evidence

Many of us are nervous because we think our audience are going to ‘find us out’, undermine our points, or worst of all, heckle (but seriously, how many business presentations each year get heckled? More people are probably killed by Sparrows).

If you back up every point you make with evidence, (stories, statistics and research) then your audience will question the quality of your resources, not you, which is a much more comfortable discussion!

9. Know your stuff!

There’s no substitute for rehearsal, sorry.

Practice does indeed make perfect, and if you know your speech, you’ll feel much more in control and therefore less nervous.

Don’t be afraid to take notes with you on stage. You’ll feel more confident and your audience would much rather see a good speech with notes than only half of a great speech that was forgotten because you had no notes!

Beyonce Sasha Fierce10. Do a Beyonce

Beyonce has an alter ego (Sasha Fierce) that she ‘becomes’ on stage, someone sexy, someone confident, someone fearless. There’s nothing to say you can’t too!

Imagine what that alter ego is like when on stage, what they do, what they say, how they react.

Then, become that person and practice switching their behaviour on and off – unleash the actor within you!


*This advice is not suitable for men, generally, unless you’re Tom Cruise.

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Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion. He setup and now runs Rich Public Speaking providing presentation skills and public speaking training.

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