Valentine’s Thought – Have you got a public speaking entourage?

J Lo entourage

This article on the power of your other half to help you with your public speaking seemed especially relevant with Valentine’s Day coming up on Friday…

J-Lo and Britney have their entourages – groups of people employed to cater for their every wish and desire, to ensure that they are in the perfect condition to give their very best performance.

As speakers, we generally don’t have a constant support group of 20+ people to help us be the best. Instead, we have a public speaking entourage of just one – our other half.

This other half doesn’t have to be a lover or a family member, they can simply be a close friend or our flatmate. All of the above form our public speaking entourage because they are there at our lowest and our highest moments.

The entourage is there when we’re banging the table with frustration at writer’s block.

They are there when we are pacing and rehearsing at midnight the evening before our BIG presentation.

They are even there to hear us when we are reciting our speech aloud in the shower, although they never talk of it, thankfully.

And the entourage is there when we arrive home after our BIG presentation, hyper, excited and contented.

They too are glad that it has gone well and greet us with the same enthusiasm, open ears and arms as if we had just flown to the moon and back.


We rarely thank our public speaking entourage. We rarely recognise their contribution of sound advice, opinion and all of those warm cups of coffee.

We never (in my experience) thank them at the end of our speech, preferring instead to lavish our gratefulness on our audience, our host and even our pet hamster before we mention our entourage back at home.

Without that entourage we may have given up when it got hard. We might never have known about that nervous tic that they pointed out to us during rehearsal and we may never have got any sleep the night before the big day.

If you’ve never turned to thank that one person that supports you through your speechmaking, do it today.

Because behind every polished speech is a little-recognised public speaking entourage!

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Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion. He setup and now runs Rich Public Speaking providing presentation skills and public speaking training.

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