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Contact Us ImageRich Public Speaking was set up in 2009 by Rich Watts (UK Business Speaker of the Year) to provide tailored public speaking training for businesses and individuals across the UK.

We work with businesses, (private and public sector) and individuals providing training in all areas of public speaking. If you have a problem that could be improved by better communication, we can provide a tailored training course to provide the solution!

Tailored training courses (known academically as differentiated learning) can improve the results achieved by your teams and help them to overcome very specific challenges. It’s our belief that tailored training should always be the norm – ‘one size fits all’ is no longer fit for purpose!

The plan for the future is to deliver more and more tailored training courses until the world demands a tailored course as the norm!

Contact us here today for a discussion about public speaking and presentation skills training for you or your business.

About Rich Watts

Rich Watts is the UK Business Speaker of the Year and a past JCI National Public Speaking champion, which is great, but it’s only a small step towards something bigger that he wants to achieve.

Rich was growing increasingly frustrated by the number of trainers that he saw writing a course and then delivering the same material time and again to trainees across the land. “How can ‘one size fits all’ be delivering the best solution for these Training Managers?” he said to his girlfriend.

To which she replied, “well go and do something about it then!”

So he did, not justĀ to avoid losing face with the girlfriend, but to shake up the industry and ensure that Training Managers got more for their money.

Rich Watts UK Business Speaker of the Year

Rich has a naturally inquisitive character and so looks to combine learnings from all aspects of life into his public speaking training. If you have been a client of Rich’s in the last five years then you’ve likely developed your public speaking skills with influences from aboriginal culture, Hitler, sport, animal communication and more!

The biggest compliment Rich has ever been paid (he thinks?) is that his passion for presentations makes him like ‘the Doctor Who of public speaking’, which is quite apt, as he sometimes wishes he could have a time machine!

Previous form

In past years Rich has been President of the Southampton branch of Toastmasters International, Hamwic Speakers. He has also worked for marketing agencies across the South as an Account Director working on some brands you’ve probably heard of.

If Rich wasn’t doing what he loves (that’s public speaking if you haven’t got it already), then he’d probably still be in marketing as he is really rather good at colouring in and cutting out.

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