Public speaking training tailored to your business

Unlike other public speaking training businesses, Rich Public Speaking writes every single course or training session to perfectly match the requirements of your business and the learning styles of your employees.

By producing a tailored public speaking training course, the effectiveness of the training is increased and the results that you will see are much greater.

Rich Watts, the founder of Rich Public Speaking, is passionate about helping businesses to get more from their training, and so set-up Rich Public Speaking to break the traditional ‘one size fits all’ style of public speaking training courses.

Why is tailored training the best public speaking training?

In the education sector, tailored training is known as ‘differentiated instruction’, an approach that assumes everyone learns in a different way and that all of us can be taught if a variety of methods and activities are used. Carol Tomlinson (2000), a noted expert on differentiation, writes that students get more from their training when they are taught based on their own readiness levels, interests, and learning profiles.

At Rich Public Speaking we aim to provide the best public speaking training by basing all of our training courses around this core thought.

How do we produce a tailored public speaking course?

Tailored public speaking training (differentiated instruction – the best public speaking training!) is developed through four key steps:

1. We work with you to fully understand the public speaking challenges you face and what your team need to know to overcome them.

2. We research exactly what your team already know, as well as how each team member learns best.

3. We write a training session or course using activities, materials and methods that suit the learning styles of your team, to provide the very best public speaking training.

4. We deliver the course at a venue of your choice, and then review the achievements of your team.

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