BIG Presentation Secret No.1: Know your audience better than they know themselves

The first 5 weeks of our e-course focus on writing a winning BIG Presentation. If we haven’t got outstanding content that our audience wants to hear, then it doesn’t matter how great a presenter we are, we’re doomed to failure!

Great content is the foundation of a winning BIG Presentation.

So what’s this week’s secret?

Secret number 1 is that behind all successful BIG Presentations is a BIG Presenter that has taken the time to understand exactly what their audience wants from them.

The BIG Presenter understands that it is their audience that decides the success or failure of their BIG Presentation, not them.

Your BIG Presentation will always be designed to get your audience to do something:

  • Purchase a product or service
  • Work towards a common goal
  • Invest in your business
  • Simply, say ‘Yes’

If your audience hear your BIG Presentation and then do one of these things, you have succeeded.

If they do not, you have failed.

So how do we use this secret?

How do we get our audience to do what we want?

Imagine you are asking a small child to go to sleep at night.

If you put him/her in their bed and just tell them to go to sleep, the chances are that it won’t happen!

But, if you sit with that child and ask why they don’t want to go to bed, you can quickly understand their objections. (Which usually involve an imaginary monster under the bed!)
If you know about the monster and how it terrifies the child, it’s not hard to demonstrate that there is no monster. It’s easy to tell the child a story of how the monster has been vanquished by mummy and daddy, or to install a night light for ‘monster protection’.

Our BIG Presentation audience are like children, usually with imaginary fears or objections about our business, product or service. If we understand how our BIG Presentation audience feels about our topic (and therefore their objections), it’s not hard to build a presentation that convinces them to take our suggested course of action.

How do we know what they want?

Like with our small child, we simply need to ask how our audience feel about our BIG Presentation and why they feel that way.

Answer the questions below about your next BIG Presentation and you’ll quickly discover what the ‘imaginary monsters under the bed’ are for your audience, and what to include in your presentation to overcome those monsters!

What do I need my audience to do after my BIG Presentation to achieve my own objectives?
(EG: Sign the contract, agree to invest, work harder, pay me!)

How does my audience feel about me/my company / my presentation topic currently?
Positive (the good stuff!) Negative (their objections – the not so good stuff!)

What does my audience need to know about me / my company / my presentation topic to overcome their objections?

(What info can you provide to vanquish those imaginary monsters!)

Now you understand your audience’ potential objections and you know what your audience need to hear to overcome them.

You have discovered exactly what your audience want to see within your BIG Presentation.
You’re well on your way to writing a BIG Presentation that pleases your audience, and gets them to do exactly what you want them to!

Next week’s secret…

Now that we know what needs to be in our BIG Presentation to overcome our audience’s objections, we need to hang it all together into a BIG Presentation that makes sense for our audience – which is the essence of next week’s secret!

Look out for next week’s lesson all about discovering structure within our BIG Presentation – it’s what glues all of our BIG Presentation together!