More about the Big Presentation Package

If you have a ‘BIG’ presentation or pitch coming up that needs to go well, then the BIG Presentation Package is for you.

For just £1,450 you will work directly with the UK Business Speaker of the Year (that’s me!) to:

  • Develop a winning presentation or talk that your audience understand, engage with and agree with!
  • Deliver your presentation with the confidence and clarity of the greatest speakers!
  • Get the exact results that your require from your presentation – whether it’s a simple ‘yes’ or a shift in the mindset of your audience, we can do it!

Hear Rich talk about exactly what the BIG Presentation Package includes

What’s included in the BIG Presentation Package?

There’s loads (really, a lot!) crammed in to this package, including:

The Structure Session – A half day session understanding your objectives and writing a presentation that will help you to achieve them

The Delivery Session – A second half day session of coaching on the delivery of your presentation, including filming, and a real ‘setting’ of either a board room or stage.

The 11th Hour Session – Right before the big day, I’ll be there with you for final rehearsal, coaching and to deal with any last minute nerves or questions that you may have. Think of it as the final team talk before the big game!

PLUS – I will be on call to you throughout the entire time that we are working together, for email, phone or Skype meetings to review progress, advise and coach you on any aspect of your presentation that you require.

ALSO – You will have access to a suite of presentation planning tools and helpsheets whilst we’re working together – all stored in a handy online file so that you can access them wherever you are 24/7/

AND THERE’S A BIT MORE – We’ll have a wash-up session too after your big presentation – analysing what went well, what could be improved and prescribing items for you to work on (if you still need it!) for the next big presentation.

Altogether the above = 2+ days of 1-2-1 coaching time, for only £1,450! 

Who else has benefited from the BIG Presentation Package?

Here’s a testimonial from a client that has used the BIG Presentation Package in the past:

Renaud ClarkeI’d like to say a big thanks to Rich Watts for his help. In two week I’ve gone from hating PowerPoint and public speaking to it becoming a new part of my role as Managing Director that I really, really enjoy. From our very first session Rich filled me with confidence and helped me to deliver my message clearly and confidently. If you have a big presentation coming up that has a lot riding on its outcome, I’d recommend hiring Rich as your consultant!

Renaud Clarke, Managing Director, Atelier Studios

What sort of presentations does this package cover?

This package can cover ANY big presentation that you have coming up – as long as it’s important to you, we can help.

Examples of previous presentations that have used this package include: big new business pitches, pitches for investment, crucial stakeholder reports and keynote presentations at a large corporate events.

Are there any hidden costs?

The only (potential) additional cost is travel if you are based outside of Hampshire. However, we’re very fair and reasonable about this, so you will only be charged exactly what it costs, no mark-up or any of that rubbish!

How do we get started?

Just fill in the contact form below, or call me on 07779 141 744 and we can discuss your next big presentation and if the BIG Presentation Package is right for you!

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