Design and deliver a full presentation skills curriculum in just 90 minutes!

Analyse Design Deliver

How long would it take you to create and implement a presentation skills training framework for your organisation?

  • Researching current abilities and training needs
  • Formulating a training solution
  • Designing supporting materials
  • Delivering the training, refining materials and styles as appropriate…

Days, weeks, months?

At Rich Public Speaking, we design and deliver tailored presentation skills frameworks, and only need 90 minutes with you (on average, depending on how much you like biscuits and a chat!) in which to do it.

Our expertise and experience of analysing, designing and delivering the best and most advanced presentation skills training means not only can we design and deliver quickly, but we can be really cost effective (you will be amazed!) too!

  • All of your presentation skills learning is designed and delivered by a recognised subject matter expert (the UK Business Speaker of the Year)
  • Your people stay motivated and engaged as they are receive regular and new presentation skills training
  • Your business experiences increased effectiveness of communication both internally and externally (saving costs and winning revenue!)
  • You get more training from your budget
  • You have more time to focus on the rest of your training frameworks, safe in the knowledge that presentation skills is ‘sorted’.

So what’s involved?

We break it down into four simple steps:

Analyse, Design, Deliver, Refine

The majority of our clients implement a curriculum of four modules (usually a day / half day) over a 12-18 month period. Four modules usually are enough to arm the trainees with the specific presentation skills that they need. The frequency helps to keep trainees engaged, but also allows enough time for them to practice their new found skills between sessions.

Analyse (free!)

No two teams  or businesses ever have exactly the same presentation skills training needs. There are so many variables (the current skill levels of your people, your sector, your speaking objectives, your audience, your product and many more!).

We’ll spend an hour with you truly understanding the goals of your people when they are speaking, and their unique presentation skills requirements. (It’s a free meeting, on us!). We’ll then research with the potential trainees in your organisation (that’s free too), before prescribing a unique curriculum of presentation skills modules to give your team the skills that they need to achieve your commercial goals.


Next, we create the perfect curriculum for your business, writing new and bespoke modules and materials as required.


We’ll deliver the full presentation skills curriculum at a location of your choice, to as many of your team as is required.


After each completed session, you’ll receive a full report and feedback on the session and individual trainees, allowing us to work together to refine and improve your presentation skills curriculum, ensuring that it is the most effective that it can possibly be. All of your presentation skills learning and development needs sorted, in just 90 mins of your time!

What can we cover?

Every organisation and team  has different objectives when it comes to presenting, and so we will always write unique, tailored modules to achieve your goals that we discover during the  ‘analyse’ phase. But, as a starter for ten, here’s some (very varied!) areas that the curriculums we have designed for previous clients have covered:

  • Analysing the needs of your audience
  • Building rapport with your audience
  • Conclusions that get results
  • Dealing with difficult audiences
  • Managing question and answer sessions
  • Opening with impact
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Overcoming objections
  • Perfect PowerPoint design
  • Presenting information for different learner types
  • Presenting technical concepts, simply
  • Presenting via video
  • Speaking to inspire
  • Speaking without PowerPoint
  • Speaking for organisational change
  • Speaking as a leader
  • Speaking to persuade
  • Storytelling for leaders
  • Storytelling for sales
  • Using diagrams effectively
  • Using voice effectively
  • Working with visual aids
  • Writing concise and effective presentations

Contact us today!

If you are looking at reviewing your existing presentation skills framework, or would like to implement one quickly and cost effectively within your business, then a coffee together is a great way to talk more about how we can help.

Please contact us here or call on 023 8073 4950.

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You need to be sure of our quality and ability to deliver on our big presentation skills training promises. We are more than happy to put you in touch with any of our clients below who will be able to tell you their thoughts and views on working with Rich Public Speaking (SPOILER ALERT: they’re all really positive!).

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