A speechwriter based in Hampshire

Knowing the message that you want to deliver and actually conveying it in an effective way are two very different tasks.

Employing a speechwriter helps to ensure that the message you want to deliver is conveyed in a convincing, engaging and successful way.

Rich Watts is a Hampshire speechwriter that works with individuals and businesses to craft speeches and presentations that deliver. Every one of us has a different speaking style, varying hang-ups about public speaking and unique audiences when it comes to public speaking.

To remedy this Rich provides a Hampshire speechwriting service that focuses on really understanding you and your audience. Ultimately the speech that is produced becomes the perfect link between these two parties!

Speechwriting services from Rich include all of the below (and a little bit more – see the end of the page!)

– An initial meeting to understand your speech objectives and requirements, as well as you as a speaker
– The creation of a full speech along with notes on delivery
– A video or audio track of your speech being delivered to aid your rehearsal and delivery
– Coaching and training in speech delivery skills, should you require it
– A full debrief to understand what worked well with your speech and what could be enhanced if you delivered this speech again.

If you’d like a discussion about how Rich can become your speechwriter (on a project-by-project or retainer basis) please do contact Rich here today.

What was the little bit more?

Ok, here’s the truth…! Rich isn’t like other Hampshire speechwriters. He’s not a stuffed collar who previously worked in Whitehall, or a member of the old boys’ club.

Rich is a speechwriter and presentation skills trainer that is looking to bring the profession kicking and screaming into the present day.

Public speaking nowadays cannot continue to ignore the changing needs of the modern speaker – we have greater demands on our time than before, more options, more choices and of course, one must always consider the implications of Twitter before breathing (thanks Stephen Fry!).

Speechwriting and presentation skills training from Rich considers all of these things in what is a truly fresh and much more realistic approach for the modern client – that’s you! No stuffed collars – just honest, open and useful advice and training.