Presentation Skills Training For MBA Students

Rich Watts MBAThe real value of an MBA is the value that it can create for your students in the long term.

If your students have the very best MBA knowledge, but lack the skills to communicate it to others, then the value that your MBA delivers is very little.

I work regularly with higher education institutions delivering advanced presentation skills training sessions designed to give students the skills to communicate effectively in the commercial world.

What does this involve?

The session content will always be tailored to fit the design of your MBA. Generally I am asked to provide students with the skills to:

  • Develop clear, concise and logical presentations
  • Deliver their message clearly and in an engaging way (often using English as a second language!)
  • Inspire others through their presentations and public speaking
  • Engage audiences quickly and build rapport to ‘open their ears’ to what the student has to say

I provide all of these skills through an interactive, high energy session that takes its lessons from some of the greatest speakers in history. From Aristotle to Barack Obama, everything I teach is grounded in tried and tested theory, giving extra insight and confidence in the material to the students.

Who am I?

My name is Rich Watts, I am the 2012 UK Business Speaker of the Year (awarded by the UK Speechwriter’s Guild), a double national speaking champion and the founder of Rich Public Speaking.

After leaving my role as a Director within a marketing agency to pursue my passion for public speaking, I now deliver training to clients across the UK including the BBC, the University of Southampton and the British Marine Federation.

Read more about me here.

What does it cost?

The most common question! For budgeting purposes, please allow £750 per session. Generally a session can include up to 12 students as a maximum.

Ideally, we will meet for coffee and I will understand your requirements more fully, give you a full proposal and confirm a fee for you.

Find out more

If the offer above is of interest to you, I am more than happy to discuss your requirements and design a unique presentation skills session for your MBA.

Please do call me on 07779 141 744 or contact me here and we can arrange to meet or speak at an appropriate time.