Inspirational and motivational speaker for young people and schools

Each year I take on a couple of assignments delivering inspirational and motivational speeches at schools across the country.

My very first experience of public speaking was at school at the age of 15, and although I messed it up (just ask any my parents or any of the local dignitaries there at the time!), I fought back to be crowned UK Business Speaker of the Year at the age of 26.

I’ve developed several inspirational talks for young people and schoolchildren (listed below) and am even happy to write something new and original for your school. Please just get in contact using the form to the right of this screen.

<h2>Existing talks for young people by Rich Watts</h2>

  • Really, what makes you so special? – making the most of your talent
  • Stand up, speak, make a difference – taking opportunities that are given to you in life
  • The morale margin – how to get the best results working in a group
  • Good, better, best – keeping motivated during exam periods and studies