A speechwriter working in London

You have a message. You have an audience.

Now all you need is a connection – a way of joining the two that achieves your goals, that inspires your audience and that positions you as an expert.

Rich Watts is a London speechwriter that specializes in writing the speeches that provide that connection between your message and your audience.

Rich works as a speechwriter with individuals and businesses in London to produce speeches and coach on best practice delivery too.

Each speech and speaker is unique and so as a London speech writer Rich finds that a large part of the speechwriting process is understanding you, the speaker.

Rich works hard to identify your strengths and weaknesses when speaking as well as your overall personality and speaking style. This leads to a speech that no one will ever know has been written by any one else, as it uses your language and plays to your speaking strengths!

Speechwriting services from Rich include all of the below (and a little bit more – see the end of the page!)

– An initial meeting to understand your speech objectives and requirements, as well as you as a speaker
– The creation of a full speech along with notes on delivery
– A video or audio track of your speech being delivered to aid your rehearsal and delivery
– Coaching and training in speech delivery skills, should you require it
– A full debrief to understand what worked well with your speech and what could be enhanced if you delivered this speech again.

If you’d like a discussion about how Rich can become your London speechwriter (on a project-by-project or retainer basis) please do contact Rich here today.

What was the little bit more?

Ok, here’s the truth…! Rich is not a stuffed collar London speech writer – the ex-Whitehall type or member of the old boys’ network. Sorry.

Rich is a London speechwriter and presentation skills trainer that is looking to bring the profession kicking and screaming into the present day.

Rich is a speechwriter, trainer and coach that realizes that every speaker is different and that ‘traditional’ isn’t always best (although he’s happy to do traditional when the time is right!).

So in short, new thinking on speechwriting and public speaking means stronger and more creative results for you, the speaker.