Media Skills Training

Rich Watts MBAIn the Internet age, any words that are uttered by your team could be broadcast to millions of people across the globe, instantly.

For this reason, you want to be sure that your team are saying the right things to the media.

Whether it’s in response to a crisis or simply an interview about the strengths of your organisation, your team need the skills to interact with the media in a positive, clear and most importantly, effective way.

At Rich Public Speaking we work with an ex-BBC  broadcast journalist (you may well recognise him when you meet him!) to deliver media skills training that engages and educates your team to manage interactions with the media in a positive way.

What does media skills training involve?

Every media skills training session that we deliver is tailored to the exact scenarios and questions that your people and business might encounter when dealing with the media. (This is included as standard as part of the course fee).

You can expect your team to learn:

  • The aims and objectives of the media when interviewing you
  • The goals you should be achieving when interacting with the media
  • The tactics to develop clear and concise interview answers
  • The skills to deliver their message effectively on camera
  • The art of recognising a dangerous question and dealing with it effectively

This is all concluded with all participants taking part in live interviews from a former BBC broadcast journalist. He may seem friendly, but like many of the real media, he can turn instantly when trying to get to the heart of the issue and draw a specific quote from you!

This session is a great opportunity to learn and practice media presentation skills in a safe and expert environment, to ensure that you make the most of any media opportunities that come your way.

Who else have we worked with?

Our specialist media skills trainer works with organisations across the UK including the College of Policing and the Universities of Bournemouth and Southampton to name but a few!


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Find out more

If the offer above is of interest to you, we are always more than happy to discuss your requirements and design a unique media skills session for your organisation.

Please do call on 07779 141 744 or contact us here and we can arrange to meet or speak at an appropriate time.