Presentation training for Account Managers and Creatives

All agencies know that clarity of communication is key to success. DSC_6104

Clear communication of great ideas leads to excited clients, amazing outcomes and awards / profit / kudos for your agency (delete as applicable).

So why do we so often get bogged down in delivering 45 minute ‘pitches’ rammed full of jargon, lingo, buzzwords and bullsh*t?

This is why I’ve designed this course to train your WHOLE agency to deliver clear, concise and effective presentations, every time.

It’s that simple.

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Why do I need presentation skills training for Account Managers?

An engaging presentation or talk can seal the deal on that £100,000 order, cement a customer relationship for life and bring clarity to client relationships.

If you’re building a successful marketing agency, you need Account Managers that can stand up, speak up and sell ideas to your clients.

Your account managers need to be able to
Your creatives need to be able to

Ok, but why do my creative and digital teams need presentation skills training?

Clients can only buy into what they understand. It’s much easier to sell ideas when developers and creatives can make complex topics simple. Agencies that can do this have
stronger client relationships and an inbox full of invitations to speak at conferences!
If your creative teams can communicate the complex with clarity, your teams will be more effective working together internally as well as externally with your clients!

What does this course cover?

Day 1 – perfect pitching for Account Managers!

This session is designed to train Account Managers to write and deliver presentations that:

  • can be written in 20 minutes (an Account Manager always wants more time in the day!)
  • clearly demonstrate the value of your solution to your clients
  • creatively engage the audience to get their message across
  • are delivered with confidence and conviction every time.

Day 2 – technically speaking for digital and creative types!

Designed to give your digital and creative teams the tools to explain any topic to any audience, they will learn how to:

  • analyse the level of understanding of their audience
  • prescribe what they need to know
  • explain any topic in a visual format that they can understand in just one slide (yes, really!)
  • deliver the explanation in a compelling and relevant way
Your account managers will learn

Your creative team will discover

Tailored training as always

This isn’t exactly what I want? Can we customise it?

Yes! Every course we deliver is customisable, because every agency is different. We can tailor the language, use a real client example or even work from your existing presentations to ensure you get more from the day.

What’s it going to cost?

The fee for delivering this two day session (including all team workbooks and materials) is £1,200 per day. This excludes travel, but we’re extremely fair and reasonable on reimbursement on train / petrol costs as we want to spread the good word as far as possible (the good public speaking word, not the Bible good word).