Redweb – Presentation Skills for Account Managers

An original training course focusing on presentation skills for Account Managersredweb logo

The challenge: to design and deliver a course to arm Account Managers with the presentation skills required to build relationships with, and inspire, their clients.

The solution: a single day course focusing on building and delivering presentations that quickly build rapport and understanding with an audience. The session was videoed and led to the trainees forming their own public speaking development plans for after the training.

Learning outcomes:

1. You will understand the role and importance of presentations and public speaking for Account Managers and their relationships with clients.

2. You will understand the structure of a good account management presentation and the structure (or lack of) in a bad account management presentation.

3. You will be able to state the four steps for writing a 20 minute presentation.

4. You will be able to use the 20 minute presentation model to produce your own talks.

5. You will understand how to use PIES to build rapport and memorability into your presentations and will have applied them to a live scenario.

6. You will know the key elements of using your body for speech delivery and understand the positive and negative use of these elements for building engagement and rapport with your audience.

7. You will be able to apply these elements to your own presentation to improve your delivery and audience engagement.

8. You will have applied the 20 minute model to your own presentation to produce a clear structure and points that you will make.

9. You will understand the theory of different methods for dealing with questions, and will be able to apply this theory in practice.