Hire a Presenter

A great sales presentation or pitch can potentially win you thousands of pounds worth of business, yet so many business people either feel that they do not have the skills to present a sales presentation or the time to adequately write and prepare a persuasive pitch.

If this sounds like you, then you may want to think about hiring Rich Watts, UK Business Speaker of the Year, as your speaker.

Rich has years of experience as a keynote speaker and a ‘sales presenter for hire’. He’s great at getting to the point, so much so that he’s simply listed the five biggest benefits of using him for your next keynote speech or sales presentation below:

  • Persuasion – Develop new and more powerful sales arguments
  • Consistency – Deliver a persuasive and engaging pitch every time
  • Time savings – Save your time preparing slides
  • Even more time savings – Save even more of your time rehearsing
  • Relax and do what you do best – providing your customers with a great service!

If you have a new business event that needs a professional and experienced presenter to deliver your presentation or simply want to overhaul your existing new business presentation. Contact Rich here for more information.

Hiring Rich includes more than just a speech…

If you employ Rich Public Speaking to deliver a sales presentation on your behalf, you can expect the following (and a lot of other added-value too!):

  • An initial meeting to understand your business and the objectives of your presentation or speech
  • The creation of an original script for your presentation ready for you to sign-off a week prior to the presentation
  • A rehearsal of the presentation for you to fully understand how the script will be delivered
  • Delivery of the speech or presentation by Rich to an audience at a venue of your choice
  • A follow-up phone call to discuss what went well and how the presentation could be developed in future to be even more effective

Expert advice and communication at all times!

What topics can Rich speak on?

Rich has many years experience in communications, online and offline marketing (he used to be Director within a marketing agency) and motivating teams, although there aren’t many topics he hasn’t covered in his time as a public speaker!

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker, then Rich has two keynotes that he is currently very proud of:

  • The Morale Margin (UK Business Speaker of the Year winning entry)
  • The 7 habits of highly effective speakers
  • Take your opportunity to stand up and speak (inspirational and great for schools and young people)

Or, Rich can write a completely original keynote tailored to your organisation or event, just let us know.