1-2-1 Public Speaking Coaching

One-to-one coaching in public speaking is the ultimate form of tailored training. One expert trainer focused solely on making you a confident, effective public speaker!

  • A public speaking coaching plan tailored to your speaking ability
  • Training directly from the UK Business Speaker of the Year (that’s me – see the picture above!)
  • Sessions at a time and place that fits you – in person, online or over the phone
  • All planned to fit perfectly to whatever budget you have to work with – we cut the cloth accordingly!

Over a series of sessions we will evaluate your current level of public speaking and work on the areas that will most improve your performance. Whether you are a nervous beginner or a seasoned professional looking for that extra bit of polish to move your presentation skills above those of your peers, I can help!

To get started just drop me an email using the form to the right of this page!

Want to know more – read on for answers to frequently asked questions about public speaking coaching!

Each year I take on a small number of clients (I do wish I could take on more, but I want to make sure those that we do work with get the very best attention!) for one-to-one public speaking coaching. I work with them at home, in their offices and via Skype; wherever you are, I tailor our communications to suit you!

We can cover any area of public speaking that you feel you need to improve!

As you would expect from someone focused on providing training tailored precisely for you, what we cover during these sessions is unique for each person, and we’ll start our work together by evaluating what would most help you to improve your public speaking.

How do we get started?

If you’re interested in one-to-one public speaking coaching then the first thing to do is get in contact here for your free fitting, for us to understand exactly what you require and what training will best fit you.

Your free fitting is a completely free preliminary call from me to understand who you are, how you feel about public speaking and what you want to achieve.

After this it’s all about having a live project to work on. As soon as you have a speech or presentation to give, we’ll work together writing it, rehearsing it (there will be video cameras, sorry!) and making your delivery the very best that it can be.

In a lot of cases I’ll even arrange a test event for you to come and deliver the speech to a live audience, on stage so that you can get used to speaking ‘live’!

What does it cost?

I work at a rate of £100ph, and so we can spend as much or as little time together as your budget will allow. If you give me an idea of your budget at the very beginning, we can tailor our work together to ensure that you get the most from the time we have!

I’m feeling pretty nervous!

If you are, don’t worry, it’s normal and shows that you’re taking this seriously.

Our work together can be completely secret

When it comes to discretion about your public speaking coaching, ‘Mum’s the word’. No one even has to know I exist!

The reason that I can’t publish a client list here is because many of my client’s do want their coaching kept a secret, which is fine, not a problem.

All I can say is that previous clients include company Directors, NFP Board members and a smattering of really keen soon-to-be best men!