Presentation Skills Training For Businesses

I deliver presentation skills training for businesses across the UK.

I also  understand that you need to get the very best training and results from your budget.

I help you to achieve this by:

  • Writing an original speaking and presentation skills course to match the objectives of your team or business
  • Researching (online and phone) the fears, goals and personalities of all attendees prior to the session, to ensure we cover everything
  • Delivering the course in a format to suit every learning style and personality in the room
  • Offering free telephone support and advice for all attendees for 30 days following the training session
  • Price matching any comparable quote from a training provider to ensure we are always competitive

Every single presentation skills training course that I deliver is different because it is tailored precisely to the needs and objectives of the people in the room.

Most people choose one of my ‘standard’ courses to start with (see the list below!), and then we tailor it from there. If you feel that you need something more specific, I start from scratch and write a new course, at the same price.

It’s a presentation skills course customised for your sector, team and business objectives, meaning you see much greater returns from your training budget*!

(*Guaranteed to please your boss!)

Base courses that we offer (to be tailored to your needs!)

The courses below are also available from Rich Public Speaking and make a great base from which to produce a course tailored to your needs. Click each link for more info.

Foundation presentation skills course

Presentation skills for salespeople

Public speaking skills for leaders

Presenting for change management

Presenting technical concepts and ideas, simply

Sounds great, let’s talk about what I need!

Sure, just fill out the short form to the right of this page and I’ll call you back ASAP!

I want to know exactly how you tailor the training for my business…

It all starts with a meeting where we look to understand the following:

Your ‘big goal’ – what is it that your team need to achieve to make your business a success?

Your ‘opposition’ – what is it that is stopping the team from achieving this already?

Your team – the personalities involved, who is receiving this training and how will they learn best? In person, remotely, in one hour, one day, or more?

Once we understand all of this, I then do more research (see below) to ensure we’ve got it right. (Don’t worry, it’s not extra and is all included in a single fee!)

Through a combination of phone calls, face to face interviews and online questionnaires, I ‘meet the trainees’ and understand exactly who they are and what they need from the training.

I then produce and deliver the training course, in the best possible format, with a range of accompanying materials and workbooks as required. All completely unique to your objectives, branded for your business and ready to roll.

Where in the UK can we hold the course?

Anywhere! Delivery of the course can be at your place or mine. I have a number of locations across the country that I have scouted and retained for public speaking training if we feel that your team will benefit more from a course that is delivered offsite away from phones, emails and colleagues!

What can the tailored course cover?

If it involves standing up and speaking in front of an audience, then it can be in your course – from beginners to experienced speakers that want to polish what they already have, I’ve done it.

How much does tailored public speaking training cost?

Ok, so you need an indication of cost.

Of course it depends on what your course involves (if you want a course on ‘talking to elephant cardiologists in Manchester’, then I’m going to need more time to research and write!), please contact me below for a quick discussion about your needs – we’ll then be able to give you a price straightaway on the phone or by email. Generally, budget £950 per day and you won’t be disappointed!

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