Presentation Skills For Leadership

I have developed this public speaking for leaders training course to help you to acquire the unique set of presentation skills that are required when speaking as a leader to individuals, teams or even your whole workforce. This course has a strong focus on clarity, persuasion and motivation!

Course overview

This interactive session teaches the five things that great leaders do when they speak in public. With everyone in the workforce now able to ‘muddle through’ a PowerPoint, business leaders need to be able to speak with charisma, confidence and clarity to separate themselves from the herd. Here’s what we’ll cover;

Leaders always:

Swot up first

  • Taking a strong position
  • REALLY knowing your audience
  • Being concise
  • Knowing your counterarguments

Tell tales

  • The power of stories used by leaders through history
  • What’s your trademark story?
  • Is there a story that relates to your business problem?

Open themselves up

  • Eyes, hands, pockets, knees and toes – looking confident and getting your message across
  • Relating to your audience, don’t be a boss, be human

Do it with a diagram

  • 5 key diagrams for business – how and when to use them
  • How leaders use diagrams 

Finish big

  • How to start a revolution – concluding a speech
  • What’s your final line?

Ongoing support

All attendees will receive written feedback on their performance and recommendations on materials that will help with further improvements.

Need something more specific?

I can tailor this course to your needs, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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