Presentation Skills for Salespeople

I have written this presentation skills for salespeople course to arm sales teams across the UK with the skills they need to present clearly, concisely and most importantly, persuasively. It’s great as an introduction and a refresher, as it covers some basics as well as advanced techniques to make your presentations more compelling and effective.

Course overview

Upon completing this course, attendees will be able to produce sales presentations that are clear, client-focused and handle objections before they arise. The attendee will also be able to deliver this presentation to an audience in a compelling, engaging and persuasive manner.

Part 1 – Writing winning presentations

A morning session focused on how to:

• Present technical information clearly and concisely to get your point across
• Structure a presentation to gain maximum impact
• Focus your presentation for your audience, not your company
• Communicate the value that you add, clearly and persuasively
• Present strong benefits, and tie them to your value positioning
• Understand human attention processes and how to use them to maximise audience engagement
• Tell persuasive stories that support your argument and inspire your audience
• Maximise your audience’s long term retention of information
• Set appropriate next steps and move the sales conversation forward.

Part 2 – Delivering dynamically

An afternoon session focused on getting the team up and speaking in a safe, positive and encouraging environment. This session covers:

• Dealing with nerves before a big pitch
• Using your voice to make a point; pause, pitch, pace and more!
• Presenting with your body; bringing your message to life with appropriate movement and engagement
• Rocking that opening and close, delivering impactful first lines and finales
• Feedback for all attendees from their peers and the UK Business Speaker of the Year.

Ongoing support

All attendees will receive written feedback on their performance and recommendations on materials that will help with further improvements.

Need something more specific?

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