Presentation skills for technical teams

Presenting technical concepts to an audience in an engaging and compelling way is tough. I have developed this focused presentation skills course to help your team to quickly and clearly present any technical concept to any audience. This course will give your team the tools to identify exactly what it is they need to say, and then to convey it in the most succinct, easy-to-understand way. Simple.

Course overview

We can only buy into what we understand. It’s much easier to sell ideas when developers and creatives can make complex topics simple. Those that can do this have stronger client relationships and an inbox full of invitations to speak at conferences!

Designed to give your technical, digital and creative teams the tools to explain any topic to any audience, you will discover how to:

  • analyse the level of understanding of their audience
  • prescribe what they need to know
  • explain any topic in a visual format that they can understand in just one slide (yes, really!)
  • deliver the explanation in a compelling and relevant way

Ongoing support

All attendees will receive written feedback on their performance and recommendations on materials that will help with further improvements.

Need something more specific?

I can tailor this course to your needs, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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