A well-written speech or presentation can be the difference between positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert communicator or quickly sending your audience to sleep.

I (that’s me, Rich Watts, UK Business Speaker of the Year and generally nice fellow) provide a speechwriting service that helps you to organize all of your thoughts and knowledge in to an engaging and entertaining speech.

It may be that you have an important key note speech to deliver, that you need a well-written presentation for that board meeting, or that you have to deliver a speech at a special occasion and don’t know where to start – if so, I can help!

Employing a speechwriter shouldn’t be something you are embarrassed about – how many other services do you outsource to specialists in your working life? Speechwriting is no different. (Even David Cameron has his own speechwriter!)

Speechwriting services that I provide include the following as standard:

– An initial meeting to understand your speech objectives and requirements, as well as you as a speaker
– The creation of a full speech along with notes on delivery
– Up to two iterations of your speech to refine it perfectly to your objectives and speaking style (further iterations may incur extra cost)
– A video or audio track of your speech being delivered to aid your rehearsal and delivery
– A full debrief to understand what worked well with your speech and what could be enhanced if you delivered this speech again.

Why use Rich Watts (me!) to write your speech?

Here’s a few reasons that others have chosen Me as their speechwriter of choice. Let me know your favourite!

– Over ten years experience of writing and delivering speeches to large audiences
– Experience in writing speeches for everyone from teenagers to CEO’s
– Worked with the Prince’s Trust to deliver the speaking skills of disadvantaged young people
– UK Business Speaker of the Year 2012-13
– JCI UK public speaking champion in 2010
– President of a Southampton public speaking skills development club 2011-12
– All round nice guy.

Want to know more or Get In Contact?

Find out more about me here or get in contact for a chat to find out more by clicking here.

Rich, do you have a speechwriting portfolio?

Many of our clients prefer to remain anonymous, however, you can view an example speech here (with the client’s name and any identifiers changed !).

Click here to view an example speech or contact us here to discuss your specific requirements.

How much does a speechwriter cost?

The amount of time it can take to write a speech varies depending on your goals and objectives and the content of the speech. A more technical speech or presentation involves a higher level of research to ensure that your speechwriter produces a speech that is not only convincing and effective, but accurate too!

We’ve given some examples with indicative costs here to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for a professional speechwriting service.

Further coaching

Many of the individuals and businesses that we write speeches and presentations for often ask if we know anyone who can provide training in delivering a speech or presentation. We can do this too! Your speechwriter is often the best person to run you through how to most effectively deliver your speech and avoid nerves, pitfalls and sending your audience to sleep.

Coaching prices usually start at £50 an hour and the number of hours required depends on your objectives and current public speaking skills. Don’t forget to also budget to cover any travel costs for your public speaking coach.

Learn more about our public speaking coaching and training here.