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Speech preface

Home From Home provides fully-serviced flats and houses to local businesses as an alternative to forcing their staff and visiting customers to stay in uncomfortable local hotels.

The presentation and speech that follows was written for a new business event for an audience of PA’s and HR personnel. The speech seeks to humanise the experience of being ‘put up’ in a hotel in a strange city as well as hint at the negative effects that this could potentially have on your business success.

The conclusion is a unique and clear call to action. The objective of the speech was to get as many people as possible to view Home From Home’s properties and so this is highlighted as a ‘must do’ in the conclusion, even planting clear tasks in the mind of the audience, such as ‘feeling every cushion’ and ‘checking every oven door’.

The slightly deeper preface

This speech looks to build a simple yet persuasive argument using Aristotle’s three key elements of speechwriting: Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Ethos, the character and credentials of the speaker, are addressed in the opening of the speech. The speaker is introduced and the mild humour of thanking the waiters for the canapés helps to portray a friendly and caring speaker.

Pathos, the emotional side of the argument is delivered through a real-life example, encouraging the audience to draw on their own negative experiences of staying in hotels and to place themselves within the story. The fear of losing a top staff member or important customer is also played upon by suggesting that they could be the individuals having a negative hotel experience.

Finally Logos, the logic and factual evidence behind the argument is given. This comprises of Home From Home’s past experience and service levels as well as an invite to encounter first-hand the accommodation that Home From Home provides.

Speech script

Good evening ladies and gentleman and on behalf of Home From Home I would like to welcome you to the Grand Café.

My name is Rich Watts. Thank you for accepting our invitation to join us here this evening and I hope that in return for us providing you with canapés and drinks (which are lovely by the way. Nod to waiters.), you’ll take the time now to listen to me for ten minutes as I tell you a little bit about the downfall of the modern hotel.

Customers and employees are key to any business.

Great customers place large orders and help you to make profits and grow.

Great employees work hard, save you costs and provide outstanding customer service.

So why do we insist on taking them away from their homes and putting them in small dark rooms in strange cities?

Let’s have a think about what our most important customers and outstanding staff members experience when they go on an away job or come to visit our offices for a crucial meeting about placing that big order.

First of all we make them travel a long distance away from their home and loved ones.

We then make them work hard all day at our offices or in meetings.

Then we expect them to return to a single room in a city that they do not know.

After this long day we then ask them to go out in the evening and search for somewhere to eat.

We make our best staff and customers pay restaurant prices for food that they may not like or enjoy, especially if they are used to food from another culture.

We then request that they return to their room and enjoy the very best that British Freeview television has to offer until they get so bored that sleeping is better than staying awake.

The following day we then ask them to do this all again and remain motivated or interested in that big business deal.

Is this how you want your best employees or customers treated?

At Home From Home we’ve found that businesses have much happier customers and staff if they really look after them when they are on the road. It’s for this reason that we supply serviced accommodation; fully furnished flats or houses to help ensure that your key staff and customers can relax properly when working away from home.

Serviced accommodation overcomes all of the inadequacies of hotels by providing a perfect home from home with full cooking facilities, TV and DVD player and washing/drying facilities.

Instead of sitting on the end of an uncomfortable hotel bed watching Freeview, your visitors can cook for themselves, watch their favourite films and lie down on a sofa in their pyjamas – they can even bring their family with them if they want to.

You might think that serviced accommodation is costly and that the first question that your boss will ask you when you book a room is ‘how much extra did it cost?’

In fact, serviced accommodation is 30% cheaper than an equivalent hotel.

The rate that you pay includes all utility bills, a flat screen TV with digital/Sky and Internet access as well as a weekly linen change and maid service.

So why use Home From Home for your serviced accommodation?

Home From Home has been in business for over 25 years now and is owned and run by David Smith, son of the original Home From Home founders. Having grown up watching his mother run this business, you could say that David has been bred to do this, or that he has serviced accommodation in his blood, or any other cliché that you wish to use!

David now works with an expert team who are all here tonight (you can identify them by their rather stunning Home From Home shirts) to manage properties in Bristol, London and Edinburgh.

All properties are a minimum of 3 or 4 star quality, contain between 1 and 5 bedrooms depending on your needs and are award-winning. You can book nightly or block bookings (for which there may be a discount, David?).

Ok, so what now?

You’ll notice that the presentation behind me has no images in it – you haven’t actually seen the properties that your key staff or best customers will be staying in.

This is because we’ve paid lots of money for expensive photo shoots for each apartment and the images that are produced still don’t do the properties justice.

The best way to experience what your staff and customers will experience when they stay with Home From Home is to get up to one of our properties and touch and feel every cushion, check every oven door, take in every room and look at every view from each every window.

Fortunately, we have one of these wonderful properties just upstairs and our team will be happy to show you around it in the next few minutes.

And please when you’re up there experiencing the apartment, think about how it compares to your last business trip when you stayed in a Premier Inn!

Thank you!

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