Tailored public speaking courses

Tailored public speaking training often achieves greater results than a ‘one size fits all approach’ as every organization and individual has different strengths, weaknesses and objectives when it comes to public speaking and presentation skills.

My name is Rich Watts and I am a public speaking trainer and currently the UK Business Speaker of the Year. Every training workshop, presentation and session that I deliver is tailored specifically for the client, whether they be an individual or organization.

Delivering custom workshops and coaching that focuses on existing strengths, weaknesses and objectives allows the trainee to develop faster and to a higher standard than those who receive a generic public speaking training session.

I do not want to reuse or deliver generic public speaking training to my clients – I would feel as if I was short-changing you if I did. Sorry if this isn’t what you are looking for.

If you’d like to chat about running a course or receiving one-to-one public speaking coaching, I can be contacted here and will endeavour to respond via phone or email as soon as possible.

What areas can you train me or my team in?

I provide training in the following areas and produces and moulds courses to fit your objectives. If you’re unsure about what you need to achieve, I am always happy to chat and help you to set your objectives. Contact me here.

How do you make the course unique to me or my team?

Prior to every session delivered, I will contact you via phone or email and talk through your aims and objectives, current skill set and about your industry so that your workshop, presentation or coaching session is full of relevant tips, lessons and examples.

What sort of venue is required?

We can hold your workshop, presentation or coaching session anywhere. The only stipulation is that you let me know about the facilities beforehand!

How long are the courses?

Course length can be tailored to suit your objectives. I will also be completely honest with you if the time you require is too long or too short to cover the public speaking training required properly.

What will my team have to take away after the course?

After each workshop or presentation your team will have a booklet to take away with relevant course notes, lessons and more.

How much will the course cost?

I have a fixed hourly rate for training. If large amounts of travel and accommodation are required, then this will need to be covered by the client.

What makes you more qualified than any one else to produce a public speaking course for me?

Quite the question – everyone has a type of coach or trainer that they respond best to – here’s my background in brief;

– Over ten years experience of public speaking and presenting in front of large audiences
– Worked with the Prince’s Trust to deliver the speaking skills of disadvantaged young people
– UK Business Speaker of the Year 2012-13
– JCI UK public speaking champion in 2010
– President of a Southampton public speaking skills development club 2011-12
– All round nice guy

How can I find out more information or make a booking?

I can be contacted here and will endeavour to respond via phone or email as soon as possible.