The British Marine Federation – Marina Manager Session

Design and delivery of a 90 minute session at the London Boat Show in 2014.bmf logo

The challenge: to arm a room of Marina Managers with the confidence and skills to stand up and give concise and compelling five minute talks on their Marina to a room full of strangers at a networking event.

The solution: a 90 minute interactive session supported by a tailored workbook. The session culminated in a live networking event during which each of the trainees delivered the presentation that they had developed and received feedback from the group.

Learning outcomes:

1.You will understand your current feelings towards public speaking and the impact that this has on your performance.

2. You will know and be able to recognise the behaviours and techniques of a confident speaker.

3. You will understand how to apply these techniques and behaviours within your own presentations.

4. You will know the importance of understanding the requirements of your audience before you deliver a speech and will know the questions to ask to ascertain what the requirements of your audience are.

5. You will understand the PIES method for formulating clear and concise points within your speech and will have used it to formulate a short talk about your marina.

6. You will know the key elements of using your body for speech delivery and understand the positive and negative use of these elements.

7. You will be able to apply these elements to your own presentations to improve your delivery.